Goal Safety Notification
Note to All Coaches on Goal Safety

Coaches and Managers,

    As the coach it is your responsibility to make sure your players are safe. This is your first responsibility (way before winning). I’d like to remind all coaches that prior to taking the field for a practice and/or game of the need to make sure goals are properly secured. As you are aware, every year kids are seriously injured or killed by goals which fall over in soccer. With everything going on prior to a game or practice checking to make sure the goals are secure can be overlooked. This is a mistake that could have terrible consequences. Make it the first thing you do before taking the field. Make the commitment to check the goals every time. If you move goals for practice make sure you secure them before beginning. When you put them back, make sure to put the weight bags back on them. If you are at a field and see a goal without a weight bag, go find one. If a team is practicing and you notice an unsecured goal, ask the coach to stop practicing and secure the goal. If you can’t find a weight bag, put the goal on it’s side and don’t use it. It’s that important.