Frequently Asked Questions concerning Registration for USSF

The Technical Area
Eastern PA Soccer Association - Referee Committee 

Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions concerning

Q. I do not remember or cannot find my USSF ID?

A. Go to
. This link can also be found on

Q. What is my password?

A. The default password is your Last Name as it appears on your USSF
registration card. However, if you were a referee in 2009 and when you
registered online last year you changed your password, then the
default password will not work. If you did not change it, the default
password will work. For some who 1st became a referee in 2010 (your
USSF ID starts with 2010) and your last name does not work, then try
your birthday (i.e Dec 10, 1991 would be 12101991). If that still does
not work, then sent an email to
 asking for your password to be reset.

Q. How come when I click on "Forgot Password" on the USSF log in page
I never get a email with my password?

A. If you do not receive an email then either (a) there is no email
address in your personal information or (b) the email address in your
personal information is no longer valid. You must contact
 to reset your password. It is your responsibility to keep your email
up to date on the USSF database.

Q. After I login and try to register, I get an error message that
states "You must be a registered referee in order to re-register"?

A. You are getting this error message because you created an account
under "New User, click here if for a new user sign up?" You missed the
statement above which is "If you have NEVER been a referee and you
want to sign up for a NEW registration". Follow the correct procedure
which can be found at

Q. If I first became a referee in 2010, I did not have to attend a
clinic in 2010 so do I have to apply to re-register?

A. Yes, while you did not have to attend a clinic in 2010, you must
still re-register in order to be allowed to referee in 2011. Please
note, that you must attend an Intermediate Clinic in 2011 in order to
register for 2012. 

Q. What is this college exemption?

A. If you were enrolled in a school of higher learning (College,
University, etc..) on January 1, 2010 and send proof of this (Grade,
Schedule, Tuition Bill) to EPSARC, you do not have to earn the 5 hours
of training or pass the refresher test. YOU STILL MUST REGISTER. 

If you were still in High School at the beginning of 2010 and did not
enter College or University until the Fall of 2010 then you do not
qualify for this exemption.

Q. I am having issues with my credit card being accepted?

A. The payment is being made directly to USSF, so you must contact
them directly @ (312) 808-1300 and ask for help concerning online
payment issues for referee registration.

Q. How do I know the status of my registration?

A. Just because you submitted the registration you are not
automatically approved. EPSARC must first approve then USSF. Your
registration will not be approved until all your requirements can be
verified. You can check the status by logging in to your account at <>
 and then clicking on registration history.

Q. What about my badge, law book and ID Card?

A. These are sent by USSF, not EPSARC so sending multiple emails to
EPSARC will not make them come any faster. It can take any where
between 4-6 weeks AFTER USSF approval for you to receive them. If you
have multiple registrations it is possible that all will not arrive at
the same time. If after 6 weeks from USSF approval, you have not
received them, send an email to
 titled "Missing Badge" and in the body you must include your USSF
ID#. EPSARC will notify USSF.

Q. Why does USSF & EPSARC always want my USSF ID number on
registration issues?

A. In EPA there are over 3,800 registrations (referees, assessors,
instructors, & assignors). The best way for us to search is by your
USSF ID. Since EPSARC is staffed by volunteers, we do not have people
waiting to answer your question immediately. In the past we spent a
large amount of time not answering question but just trying to
correlate the name given to us to the proper person in the USSF
database. By providing us with your USSF ID will reduce the initial
confusion and allow us to respond better.